Ready for some vital information? Don't f--- with Lori Beth Denberg.

The former All That cast member, who most famously charmed audiences as a teenage authority on adolescent decorum, has ditched her more sophisticated inclinations in the latest episode of web series Raymond & Laneand in the "Drugs 'N' Daffodils" video above, she plays a no-nonsense drug boss who's tired of mouthy employees. What has become of you, LBD?!

The clip, which also features Lizzie McGuire's LaLaine (!!!), opens with the series' titular characters—who serve as Lori Beth's small-scale employees—struggling to get past a password-protected gate to the big boss' office. Once they finally make it inside, though, they get an earful.

"I'm sure you boys take my business quite seriously, don't you?" Lori Beth demands before planting a handgun on the table. Understandably, the guys are shaken, but after a few tense moments, Lori Beth proves she's committed to her underlings, and hands the firearm over.

"Consider it a reward," she says. "Now you'll have something to protect yourselves."

The men aren't too receptive to the head honcho's offering, but if there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's that when Lori Beth makes a request, you oblige. Didn't the Loud Librarian teach these two anything?

So, how does the rest of the story unfold, and will the underground company land it hot water? Check out the episode, and tell us if Lori Beth's latest role has shocked you!

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