There's lots to do in Los Angeles. You could spend a full week in the City of Angels and still not cover half of the worthwhile sights, scenes and hot spots. While you have to deal with endless traffic -- it's not an urban legend or exaggeration... everyone drives in L.A -- the trade off is the warm weather. Never humid and hardly ever rainy, Los Angeles is almost always nice and amenable for plenty of walkable destinations.

It's also teeming with celebs. Chances are, you can visit Hamburger Hamlet on Sunset Blvd. and spot a celeb or three on your way back to your car, or spot some stars as you stroll down to the Rainbow. That's where all the rockers hang out.

L.A. is home to much more than modern celeb sightings. There's lots of Hollywood-related relics and lore, inimitable shopping districts and faboosh eats. So, check out this pop culture guide to L.A., as we've narrowed it down to 10 awesome things you should do while trolling around the city.

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