2014 has proven to be quite an unforgiving year for One Direction's Louis Tomlinson. Just when the hoopla surrounding that video of him and fellow bandmate Zayn Malik smoking a joint finally died down, scandalous photos of Louis being arrested in London popped up all over social media today (Oct. 28). What's going on?!

Don't worry, Directioners -- it turns out it's nothing too alarming! Louis was reportedly filming an upcoming One Direction music video, which -- we have to admit -- is way more exciting than a possible arrest. Louis has his hair slicked back and is dressed in a grey suit worn beneath a long, beige trench coat. In one photo (check it out above) he can even be seen being pushed against a sports car, which we assume belongs to whichever character it is that he's playing. We're totally clueless as to what's going on exactly, but Louis clearly had a great time filming! He later posted the following via Twitter:

There's no word yet as to when the video will be released, but from what we can tell it'll be well worth the wait!

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