Hell hath no fury like the wrath of Louis Tomlinson scorned. The One Direction boy bander took to Twitter to throw some serious shade at a faux fan after the bully made fun of his laugh. LOL, what? Here's how it reportedly went down.

Ed Stowell -- a young guy, who, for all intents and purposes was seemed like a Directioner -- recently met Louis at a soccer match and snapped a selfie with him. Now, think about all of the ways you'd caption that photo -- we're assuming most of them wouldn't even be in English and instead just keyboard smashes and random letters strung together. Instead, Ed apparently decided to take the opportunity to straight-up diss Louis -- and his laugh.

"Thanks @Louis_Tomlinson for the picture, shame city won," he wrote (check out the photo here). "Now take you and your annoying laugh back up north." Ouch!

It looks like Ed just got served a big helping of that trademark Louis Tomlinson sass. You know what they say: Never make fun of a man's laugh. (Yeah, we just totally made that up, but it totally applies.)

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