Don't worry, Justin Bieber! You've got a friend in Louis Tomlinson!

The One Direction member offered his support to the Biebs after the pop star has had a rough week, which included a hospitalization, getting his Fisker Karma smashed up, lashing out at a photog, getting shade thrown at him by Selena Gomez and last, but not least, bailing on a concert in Portugal.

The 1D-er tweeted:

Yes, Louis has a point that Justin is doing things any other 19-year-old kid would do, but at the same time, he is very well-aware that he's a role model for a lot of young kids who idolize him. He needs to be on his best behavior!

Zayn Malik also echoed his band mate's sentiments saying:

Nice that these guys are rallying around JB especially since they're only merely acquainted!

The 1D boys are definitely keeping busy on their world tour and they've recently been measured for wax figures at Madame Tussaud's (via ET Online). Each figure will cost about $195,000 to make, but we're betting Madam Tussaud's will make their investment back for sure!

After their waxy counterparts are completed, they will start on their very own world tour! The 1D boys will be two places at once!

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