Louis Tomlinson of One Direction is so nervous about crazed fans breaking into his house that he's installed a panic room for his girlfriend Eleanor Calder. Eat your heart out, Jodie Foster!

According to The Sun, the 1D member spent around $22,000 (about £15,000) on a room where his boo could hide from potential intruders. And what about for himself? Is he just going to fight these troublemakers off with a stick while his girlfriend hides in a glorified closet?

A source said, "Louis loves the fans and isn’t overwhelmed with paranoia. He’s just a realist about the dangers of being in the spotlight." Hear that, Directioners? Tomlinson thinks you have the capability to seriously harm him and his lady. Just kidding! The source added, "This is just something that makes him feel safe."

With a rising star, Tomlinson should be careful about his safety and rightfully so. We can't forget the Justin Bieber castration plot that was foiled... But not all Louis' bandmates have the same take on personal safety. Niall Horan told OMG! Yahoo, "I know other celebrities get freaked out about the death threats but I'm really carefree about it." Louis, please give Niall the number for your Panic Room Guy!

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