And then there were four. It looks like One Direction's Louis Tomlinson was too sick to perform with the boys at the 2014 NRJ Music Awards. He was noticeably absent from the awards because, if we're being honest with ourselves, One Direction simply isn't complete when someone's missing. We learned that the hard way when Zayn had to miss out on the band's recent album promotion, also due to illness. Things just weren't the same.

Louis tweeted fans on Saturday (Dec. 13) to let them know he was simply too sick to perform that night with the boys and needed the day to rest. While there are no details as to what exactly Louis fell ill with, we're glad he took the time to focus on his health and get better. You can check out Louis' tweet to fans below:

Both Niall and Zayn tweeted Louis, telling him to get better, which might have tugged at our boy band loving heartstrings just a little:

Thankfully, it looks like that day of rest was just what Louis needed, because he was back with the boys just in time to perform on the 'X Factor UK' season finale yesterday (Dec. 14) -- where they delivered a totally killer performance of 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go' off their latest album, 'Four,' with Rolling Stones guitarist and music legend Ronnie Wood.

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