In news that pales in comparison to this NSFW Vine of his junk, Louis Tomlinson was recently photographed allegedly rolling a joint while reportedly spending the night with five ladies he took home from the club. Okay.

The One Direction boy bander — who recently split from his long-term girlfriend Eleanor Calder and has been known to smoketh the weed — was apparently the subject of a Snapchat photo taken by one of his female admirers, British tabloid The Daily Star reports.

In the picture, which you can see over at The Daily Star, Louis has what appear to be rolling papers in his hand as he sits next to a container filled with a mysterious "dark green substance," the tabloid notes. The snap was allegedly taken by one of the five girls he allegedly brought back to his hotel room on Wednesday night (April 22). And, of course, the picture comes almost a year after he and Zayn Malik smoked a joint in a car in Peru — a moment that will live on forever thanks to the internet and the leaked video. So scandalous.

As for the hotel sitch with the ladies, well, it looked like good ol' Louis may have pulled a Leonardo DiCaprioThe Daily Mailwhich, of course, has plenty of pictures of everyone leaving both the club that night and the hotel the next morning, alleges that Louis and the five women left Cirque le Soir nightclub around 4:30AM on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. And while what went on in Louis' hotel room remains a mystery, the paper makes sure to point out, in no uncertain terms, that Louis wore "a huge grin" the following morning and looked "very pleased." Thank you, Daily Mail.

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