It's good to be Madonna's daughter, and not just because you can launch a teen clothing line with her at Macy's known as Material Girl. Madge has reportedly "hired" her 15-year-old daughter as a backup dancer on her upcoming world tour in support of 'MDNA,' which launches at the end of May.

Lourdes will accompany her mother on a 50-country world tour. Is that nepotism? Not really, since it's Madge's tour and she'll do whatever the hell she wants. Judging from the fact that Mom-donna (or is that Ma-donna?) mercilessly proofreads Lourdes' blogs, she isn't giving her offspring a free ride or any special treatment. In fact, she'll probably come down on her even harder than other dancers on the tour.

According to The Daily Mail, a source said, "It is the first time Lourdes will have appeared on stage with her mum. There are risqué dancers and some blatantly sexual dance routines – but Madonna is really excited about Lourdes making an appearance."

Come on, it's not like Lourdes has been shielded from her mother's sexed up past. There's this thing called the Internet where she could have done her research and seen how her mother clawed her way to the top, based on her sexualized style. Madge isn't the apologize-for-my-past type, either, so it's not a case of "bad" parenting. Lourdes is growing up and this is a great chance for her to do her thang.

Will there be some mother-daughter competition? Who knows!