Lourdes Leon has good genes. She is, after all, Madonna's daughter. Dad is one time Madge paramour, Cuban fitness trainer Carlos Leon, so Lourdes certialy hit the genetic jackpot with her dark, Mediterranean and Latin features. The teen was photographed in New York City on Thursday (April 12) looking like a clone of her famous mother. At 16, Lourdes is pretty much the spitting image of Madonna at around 21.

Lourdes, with flowing, brown waves, dark eyes and olive skin, is a dead ringer for the Material Girl. Lookout, Madge, as the boys come calling and knocking on your door to take Lourdes out on dates.

Madge shared that she and Lourdes are fashion kindred spirits and even share what's in their closets. The 'Girl Gone Wild' singer told Us Weekly that she "lives" in Lourdes' Converse sneakers, which are a wardrobe basic and staple for women of all ages. In turn, the teen borrows mom's combat boots.