Lucy Hale may be one half of the "Ezria" relationship on 'Pretty Little Liars,' but that doesn't mean she ships them. In fact, as she revealed on 'Watch What Happens Live' last night (Jan. 8), she thinks the whole student-teacher thing is kinda disturbing.

When asked by host Andy Cohen if her character Aria's relationship with Ezra Fitz (her on-and-off teacher) ever bothers her, the actress and singer was totally honest.

"Like, freak me out? Yeah, it's creepy as hell," Lucy laughed.

But that wasn't the only 'PLL' secret she was revealing -- the 'Lie a Little Better' singer also casually mentioned that if she had to guess who 'A' is, she'd say it was one of the "four main girls." Bombshell!

Of course, Lucy's revelation seems to support the fan theory that Aria is A -- and the fact that she told Seth Meyers that the show's producers refuse to tell her who A is only further rouses our suspicions.

"They won't tell me!" Lucy explained, admitting it's because they're worried that she'll spill the beans. Still, the fact that all of the cast members know except her? Something's up in Rosewood, for sure.

Halers, check out Lucy Hale on 'Watch What Happens Live' in the video above and watch her on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers' in the video below.

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