Lucy Hale's not a liar -- she just plays one on TV. At least, that's what she was trying to explain when Ellen DeGeneres totally caught her in a lie.

The 'Pretty Little Liars' star and 'Lie a Little Better' singer visited 'Ellen' yesterday, Oct. 7, and tried to explain that despite her song titles and TV character, she is actually pretty truthful in real life.

"My life kind of revolves around lies," she said, ticking off the various aspects on her fingers. "I play a liar on TV, I sing about lying, so I try to be honest in real life."

Of course, in zooms Ellen with the kicker, asking Hale what her real first name is.

"Karen, actually," she said, throwing her hands up. "So I am a liar!"

Hey, at least she was honest about that.

Check out Lucy Hale's interview on 'Ellen' above, and watch her perform 'Lie a Little Better' on the show in the vid below.

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