Listen up, Halers: Lucy Hale has just revealed the album cover and track list for her upcoming debut album, 'Road Between' -- all thanks to you!

By using the hashtag #unlockroadbetween all across social media, fans were able to reveal details of the 'Pretty Little Liars' star's inaugural country debut, which is set to drop on June 3.

The cover art for the album is simple but elegant, and it boasts a rustic, carefree country feel. The cover features Hale in a white dress paired with a studded brown leather belt, with her raven hair tumbling loosely down her back. As she shows a hint of a smile at the camera, she scrunches up part of her dress with one hand as she walks down a faded, dusty road. So country!

Hale also released the track list for the album, which includes her first single, 'You Sound Good to Me.' The 'PLL' actress even worked with Grammy Award-winning country singer Kacey Musgraves on one of the songs -- and she helped pen a tune, 'Just Another Song,' herself.

Check out the 'Road Between' cover art above, and see the full track list below.

Lucy Hale's 'Road Between' Track List:

1. 'You Sound Good to Me'
2. 'From the Backseat'
3. 'Nervous Girls'
4. 'Red Dress'
5. 'Goodbye Gone'
6. 'Kiss Me'
7. 'Road Between'
8. 'Lie a Little Better'
9. 'That's What I Call Crazy'
10. 'Love Tonight'
11. 'Just Another Song'