While rapper Ludacris and country crooner Jason Aldean are an unlikely pair, they certainly made a good one. The Atlanta rapper made a surprise cameo during Aldean's performance of the 'Dirt Road Anthem' remix.

Clad in sunglasses and head to toe black, Luda rolled out onto the stage during the ballad and performed a verse. Using his signature southern flow and clever rhymes, Ludacris owned -- though he did look a bit awkward at times when he wasn't actually rapping. That is, until he busted out a guitar at the end of the song. It was a sight to behold!

Aldean looked much more at home, likely because he was performing his own track. If he had to make a cameo in, say, 'Bada Boom,' his results probably would've been similar to Luda's.

Ludacris cameo was ultimately rewarding. The unlikely duo earned a standing ovation!

Watch Jason Aldean and Ludacris Perform 'Dirt Road Anthem' at the Grammy Nominations Concert