In his new track, 'Sex Faces,' Ludacris makes it clear that he isn't looking to create a romantic situation, he's just looking to get to the bedroom. With the help of Trey Songz and Lil Wayne, that becomes matter-of-fact in the most clever of ways.

Luda kicks off the track right, calling it "classic s---" before launching into some signature lines. "She's everything I hope for, in the bedroom / And like Tyra Banks I need some head room," he spits almost effortlessly.

Classic is pretty spot on, and aside from the inclusion of Lil Weezy and Mr. Songz, this song feels very mid-'90s -- with a twist. That twist, of course, is that this tune is incredibly dirty.

When Wayne walks into 'Sex Faces,' he does so with grace. Like Weezy does, he sings of picking up a waitress for sex without ever even giving her his name.

"It became time for her to pack things / I said hit me up again we do the same thing / Jumped in the shower, I got out and saw a text message / It had a smiley face, it said 'You da best, sexy XOXO!' / I replied, 'I love your f--- face," he says, leaving us with our jaw hanging wide open as Songz invites himself in for a smooth chorus.

'Sex Faces' appears on a new compilation album celebrating Rap-A-Lot Records' 25th anniversary. We had no choice but to give this one 4 stars for its clever play-on-words lines and usage of Weezy, above all else.

Listen to Ludacris, 'Sex Faces' Feat. Trey Songz and Lil Wayne