Ludacris dropped a Thanksgiving Day bomb with his new visual for 'Bada Boom,' his diss song to Big Sean and supposedly Drake. The Atlanta rapper is still fuming over Sean and Drake's assertion that he stole the ‘Supa Dupa’ rhyme flow (or hashtag rap) from them.

The video begins with a woman, dressed like Milla Jovovich in 'The Fifth Element' from which the title is inspired, who Googles "war" on her laptop and finds related searches of past hip-hop beefs. She then watches clips of various legendary dissing matches from Boogie Down Productions vs. Juice Crew, Ice Cube vs. N.W.A., Tupac Shakur vs. Notorious B.I.G. and the infamous Jay-Z Vs. Nas lyrical battle.

Once she arrives to Luda's 'Bada Boom' video -- ka-boom! -- it's on and we see the veteran rapper's diamond-encrusted canine teeth. As Luda unleashes his vitriolic attack on the 'I Do It' rapper, the red-haired vixen brings the heat -- toting shotguns, burning cigars and scrawling expletives on a wall.

Near the end of the clip, Luda offers a stern warning to the Big Sean and Drake. "I was told not to kill a mosquito with a cannon," he says. "So the next time you gnats got a real problem, don't be a coward like a n---a who used to be signed to me, going on Twitter rants and s--t. Just say it to my face."

Bada bing, bada boom!

Watch the Ludacris 'Bada Boom' Video