Luiz Meneghin, a 54-year old nurse for the elderly, did the near-impossible last night (May 15) on 'America's Got Talent.' He converted Howard Stern, who admitted he is "bored to tears" by opera music, to an opera fan with his beautiful, soaring rendition of 'Nessun dorma.'

Meneghin said his patients support him, and told him to "go for it" on 'AGT" since he sings for them daily. Every afternoon after lunch, the patients gather in the lobby and listen to him sing for 30 minutes. In the middle of that feel good story, Stern deadpanned, "So far no casualties? Everyone doing okay?" Meneghin also said he sings to help his charges move their bowels, which would have been prime fodder for Stern to pounce on, but he didn't. This is 'AGT,' not his "anything goes" radio show, and he was respectful.

Meneghin shared his back-story -- he is from Brazil, but lives in Utah and his father introduced him to opera at a young age. Stern grilled him on what to expect and his accent. He really asked the right questions, like he would to a guest on his show, and was not hesitant to reveal he has "a tough time with opera."

Well, Luiz made it an easy genre to love. While his eyes did bug out a little while he sang, he hit notes beautifully and is in line with the likes of Andrea Boccelli. When Meneghin wrapped, Stern declared, "You converted me."

It's worth a mention that this is the same song that Paul Potts sang on the British version of the show back in 2007, and he was a huge sensation! It's not the song, though. It's the singers!

Watch Luiz Meneghin Perform 'Nessum dorma' on 'AGT'