In his new single 'I Don't Wanna Care Right Now,' Lupe Fiasco raps, "I'm a rockstar with a band so thorough." In his new video, you see right away that the man means it.

The video for the track features MDMA singing the hook and a compilation of live Lupe Fiasco footage. It's shot at a frenetic pace, capturing the feel of an actual Fiasco concert: energetic, sweaty and exhilarating.

The clip begins with Fiasco backstage and features brief shots of an empty auditorium. The video then flashes to Lupe's ferocious live show. In the clip, Lupe, donning a black t-shirt emblazoned with "#OCCUPY" dances, spins and jumps, engaging the huge crowds. While his footage has flashing colored lights and the occasional smoke standard to any performance, he requires no pyrotechnics or bombast -- because he and his band simply kill it on their own.

When MDMA reaches the first chorus, the focus briefly shifts from the 'Lasers' rapper to his backing band, giving glimpses of gorgeous back up singers, grinning guitarists and even an intent violinist. The camera soon shifts back to Lupe who worked up such a sweat that he sprays the audience with water -- and rips off his shirt!

The clip solidifies Lupe Fiasco's reign as rap's resident rock star.


Watch Lupe Fiasco 'I Don't Wanna Care Right Now' Video