Several hip-hop and R&B stars have taken to Twitter in recent days to express their admiration of influential poet Gil Scott-Heron, who died at age 62 on May 27. But 140 characters wasn't enough for Lupe Fiasco, who wrote a lengthy, poetic blog post as a tribute to Scott-Heron.

Putting a twist on Scott-Heron's spoken rap 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,' Fiasco titles his post 'The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized.' "Idiot boxes of the world unite!," he writes, kicking off a rant about the current state of tv programming and other current events:

"Small claims Court drama, teenage baby mamas, Osama watching Osama, Celebrity Endorsed indoor saunas, the perfectly cooked piraña and other cannonfodder for you to ponder, all at the speed of imitations of life while the smoke of war gets inhaled thru the peace pipes, be still my beating heart and scare my brain from thinking thoughts as i sit intoxicated by the delights, sarcasm and 3 strikes thrown by my favorite pitcher in a sound surrounded, 3 dimensional, high death, full color mixture, wholly unsocializing and completely uncensored."

The rapper concludes by writing, "You see my dear friends the television will not be revolutionized but what about the revolution that should taking place inside ... Of you?"

Fiasco has never been one to keep quiet on social issues, as evidenced by his song about war and terrorism, 'Words I Never Said.' Read the entire thought-provoking post on Lupe Fiasco's blog.

Listen to Gil Scott-Heron, 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised'