We have heard of shameless self-promotion but in this case, it's shameless selfless promotion, as Lupe Fiasco has "quit" Twitter, handing his Twitter account (and it's 722,000 followers) to rising star, pop soul singer Nikki Jean. For now.

Lupe tweeted: "I'm quitting twitter. it was fun while it lasted...thanks for the support on #lasers and i will see you all on the road soon...don't forget...Love Always Shines Everytime Remember 2 Smile...."

Then he followed it up by posting: "u know what??? i'm gonna let @NIKKIJEAN takeover my twitter -- go get that album http://bit.ly/nikkijeanitunes."

'The Show Goes On' singer then swapped out his profile picture and background to Nikki Jean's album cover and encouraged followers to grab her album, 'Pennies in a Jar,' which is out this week.

This OBVIOUSLY smells like the mother of all promotional tactics to us. We're going to go out on a limb here and predict Lupe Fiasco will feel the need to post new tweets by the end of the week and take the power back -- when it comes to his Twitter account.

We'll give Nikki Jean's peeps props, though. There's no better way to get the word out about a new album than by usurping power over a fellow artist's well-followed Twitter account. We're just left to wonder if Lupe Fiasco was compensated for lending out his Twitter account. It's sort of like featuring on another artist's album, right? Let's see how this shakes out for Nikki Jean and if she makes a ton of new fans on the back of Lupe Fiasco's Twitter account.

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