Congratulations to Lupe Fiasco! The rapper has become the newest member in our Sound Off Hall of Fame after triumphing over his challengers with five wins in a row. His 'Lasers' track 'I Don't Wanna Care Right Now,' which features MDMA, had some stiff competition, but ultimately came out on top.

Throughout his run in PopCrush's Sound Off series, Fiasco's uptempo, danceable electro/hip-hop track 'I Don't Wanna Care Right Now' dominated. The Chicago native started off by beating newcomer J. Cole and his track 'Can't Get Enough.' Fiasco then followed this win by garnering the most fan votes during his battle with Big Sean's track 'Dance (A$$).'

After two days in the running, veteran rap star Fiasco began to find himself up against bigger and bigger artists. However, his fans did not fail him, helping him to beat out songs from fellow rappers like Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. Way to go, Lupe! Your fans have definitely got your back.