Following the release of the Kylie Minogue-assisted disco-bop "Right Here Right Now," and the Sia-featured electro-lite jam "Deja Vu," it's been announced that the next single off Italian EDM pioneer Giorgio Moroder's 17th studio album Deja Vu will be the maestro's rework of "Tom's Diner," featuring none other than Britney Spears.

On Friday, a lyric video for Giorgio and Brit Brit's icy, futuristic dance rework of the chilled-out 1987 Suzanne Vega classic dropped online. While both artists are physically absent from the Superbros-directed CGI clip, the video does feature two computer-animated pseudo-doppelgangers, sorta. (Technically only the male silhouette looks like Giorgio. The female figure doesn't really bear much of a resemblance to Brit.)

The video also plays like a total visual homage to the late 80s, featuring neon lights galore, a rainbow jukebox, fast cars zooming by, tons of dizzying pink, teal, and purple geometric shapes, and a digital environment that looks like a cross between the club scene in Earth Girls Are Easy and the video game world of Tron. Oh, and there's a retro-futuristic diner, of course.

The legendary producer announced on Twitter yesterday that the synth-pop track would serve as his next single:

Hopefully this announcement also means that we may soon get a proper music video for the track, one that also features Britney. Because while we did technically get some 80s Britney action in the video for "Pretty Girls" featuring Iggy Azalea, it really wasn't all it could have been.

We need—nay, deserve an 80s-style Britney Spears do-over! Give it to us, Giorgio!

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