The internet was set ablaze on Saturday (Nov. 8) with rumors that actor Macaulay Culkin had died. The rumors proved to be completely false, as proved by the former child star himself.

Culkin took to the Twitter of his band, Pizza Underground, to show that he is, in fact, still alive. He posted multiple pictures of himself to show fans that they have no reason to worry.

the first photo, Culkin is seen wearing sunglasses, smiling and holding a soft drink. The image is captioned "We're on tour you silly people."

Culkin appeared to have a sense of humor about the death hoax, as his second photo was pretty tongue-in-cheek. In the picture, which you can see below, he's seen passed out in the arms of another man. Both the image and the caption point to the cult classic movie, 'Weekend at Bernie's.' (In the film, two employees try to convince people that their deceased boss is still alive.)

We're glad the the rumors proved to be completely false -- and that Culkin is reacting to the hoax with a sense of humor!