Macaulay Culkin has been many things over the course of his life. He’s been a child star, the former boyfriend of Hollywood beauty Mila Kunis, he’s even been dead according to the Internet. Our favorite Macaulay Culkin fun fact? He’s in a band called the Pizza Underground, and sometimes crazy things happen when you’re performing live.

Macaulay recently gave new meaning to the phrase tongue-tied. During a show with the Pizza Underground, Macaulay and R&B singer Har Mar Superstar were dancing around stage performing a duet of ‘Never My Love' by 60s band The Association.

Then both guys got totally into it by messing around onstage — this includes plenty of grinding and groping, eventually ending with a quick make-out session between the two on stage. Don't believe us? We don't blame you. Check out the video above -- the proof is in the pizza (sorry... we couldn't resist).