Word to the wise: If you ever meet up with 'Thrift Shop' rapper Macklemore on an airplane, you might want to think twice before shaking his hand.

TMZ caught him at Los Angeles' LAX airport on his way to catch a flight Monday (March 18) and, having reached that awkward stage where everyone has run out of 'Thrift Shop'-related questions but Macklemore is still kind of a celebrity, they were forced to improvise with a little bit of paparazzi math: Macklemore + planes = question about joining the Mile High Club.

We have to give him credit, too -- when TMZ asked, as they put it, "if he'd ever thrown a mid-flight bone," Macklemore didn't do what Sean Penn or Alec Baldwin would have done (punch the reporter in the face) or what we would have done (answer with a well-timed "Yes, with your mother"). Instead, with a world-weary look that seemed to indicate a sudden understanding and acceptance of his Macklemore-sized place in the celebrity sphere, he admitted that while the skies haven't been quite that friendly to him, he has engaged in self-love "on a lot of airplanes."

After TMZ did its due diligence by verifying that he confined his seed-spilling to the airplane bathroom (which Macklemore dutifully confirmed), there wasn't much left to do except ask if any of the clothes he was wearing came from the thrift store before allowing the conversation to expire, presumably without handshakes.