Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were interviewed by and performed on 'The Colbert Report,' so the duo pulled triple duty.

During the interview segment, Colbert busted their chops for putting out their mega successful album 'The Heist' independently, thus robbing big, bad music biz corporations of the right to make money off their art.

They revealed that they did contract Warner Music to work their tracks to radio, which Colbert labeled 'renting out,' as opposed to selling out! Zing.

Macklemore said that at the end of the day, they control their brand, have the final say and make more money.

It was like a crash course in how record labels work, that's for sure.

Ryan Lewis also said he prefers being more of the background guy, since everyone is always all about Macklemore since he is technically the frontman and the more visible member, with his flashy furs and rugged good looks.

They performed two tracks on 'The Colbert Report' in two different speeds. They turned in the more contemplative 'Same Love,' which addresses same-sex unions, and they rocked 'Can't Hold Us,' which was web-only, but equally as fiery!

Watch Macklemore + Ryan Lewis Perform 'Can't Hold Us'