Macklemore and Ryan Lewis graced the 'Saturday Night Live' stage for the first time, and, as you'd guess, it was a great show of both music and bizarre fashion.

Macklemore wore a bright red, Michael Jackson-inspired royal jacket with matching pants while his partner in crime Ryan Lewis rocked a snow white fur coat in front of "Thrift Shop" emblazoned in flashing lights behind them. Wanz, rocking a head to toe coral striped suit and a full, tuxedo-clad horn section joined the duo for 'Thrift Shop.'

They looked every bit the eccentric thrift store shoppers turned success stories. And in both the 'Thrift Shop' and 'Can't Hold Us' performances, can we please talk about Macklemore's dance moves? The man has boundless energy!

The band lost the jackets and Lewis lost the coat, exchanging it for a white motorcycle style jacket, for 'Can't Hold Us' with Ray Dalton. Macklemore was clearly excited to be there, yelling, "We're on live TV now!"

Indeed they were -- and they nailed it. Macklemore please!

Watch Macklemore Perform 'Can't Hold Us' on 'Saturday Night Live'