This Halloween, Macklemore decided to take to the streets of Seattle and go trick-or-treating. Did we mention he was dressed in full-on granny gear? Yep -- complete with white wig, dress and red lipstick!

"Today's Halloween," Macklmore says, as the camera pans to his fiancée, "Tricia -- because I'm in the doghouse these days -- said that if I dressed up as a grandma and went out into the streets of Seattle that I could get out of the doghouse and back on to main land. So here I am -- as a grandmother."

And off they go. Fans are treated to a bit of freestyle rapping as Macklemore & co. drive around to find a house where he can trick-or-treat. And when they finally do find one? He walks up to the house but right before he pushes the door bell, he runs away saying: "This is so creepy!" That it is, Macklemore.

The 'Same Love' rapper pulls it together eventually and manages to score some candy from a few houses. Of course, he soon winds up taking photos with a few lucky fans who somehow saw through his granny gear and recognized him. "That was great practice for what my career's gonna feel like in a few years," Macklemore says at the consclusion of the video. "It was just awkward and creepy."

Do you guys think he's officially out of the doghouse yet?? Check out the hilarious video above!

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