DrownedMadonna.com received and shared an email that included what could be the rough itinerary of Madonna's forthcoming world tour presented by Live Nation.Rumors of possible tour routings and location requests began to circulate, and actual dates are scheduled to be unveiled at a press conference on Halloween.

But someone has leaked the raw draft of the itinerary and did so several weeks in advance. Is it real? Could be. It is on Live Nation letterhead, but that could easily be replicated. That said, it's also a detailed list, so it's not like someone would take the time to create something false such as this. Whatever the case, it's a big leak and someone in Madge's camp could end up on the unemployment line if this gets traced back to 'em.

Judging from this list, Madge would hit the road at the end of March in New Zealand and head Down Under to Australia and then zip over to Asia for shows in China and beyond, before cruising over to Europe through spring and early summer. She would finally hit the U.S. in July, bringing her signature heat to the country during the hottest of months!

DrownedMadonna also reports that Madge's people at Live Nation are in the midst of negotiations with China, since the powers-that-be want to know which songs the Material Girl will play as they have their own list of songs that she is "not allowed" to perform, such as "Erotica." While we are sure Madonna would love to get on stage and entertain her Chinese fans, we also don't think she'd be into the idea of the government editing her set list. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out.