Madonna really took every aspect of her role as director of 'W.E.' seriously. The Material Girl actually let actress Abbie Cornish wear both her wedding rings from her marriages to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie in the film. Even though the marriages didn't last, Madge was sentimental enough to hold onto the hardware, so to speak.

Cornish, who plays a woman enraptured by the romance of King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson (the 'E' and the 'W' in the title), told The Sunday Times Style Magazine that Madge brought a box of her own jewels to the set revealing that Madonna would "handpick stuff for me to wear. Almost every piece I wear in this film was hers. Cartier and Bulgari earrings, necklaces, bracelets. She has an incredible collection."

That we don't doubt. Madonna is one of he most famous women in the world, so she is often dripping in jewelry and gems. Her collection has to be out of this world. But the fact that she let Cornish wear such intimate and personal items as her wedding rings is sweet. While some might consider such an action disrespectful to the husbands, it's actually quite a lovely gesture.

Cornish also said, "I wore both her wedding rings from her marriages to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie. They were beautiful – white gold and diamonds. Every morning she’d bring them in and I’d put them on. It was nice to have that ritual and feel connected to her."

If we worked with Madge and she felt we were special enough to wear her wedding rings, we'd oblige her, too!