'MDNA.' Know what that is? It's the title of Madonna's 12th album, due out this spring.

Sorry, we didn't want to tease you with the info and make you wait and guess. It was just too good not to share. Madonna confirmed the title on 'The Graham Norton Show' and then posted it on her official Facebook page. The Material Girl covers all the bases when she shares official info, that's for sure. Given all the unapproved demo and tour leaks that have surrounded 'MDNA' in the past few months, it's refreshing to get the information straight from the pop star's mouth, er, social media networks!

It's fairly obvious that the title is a play on Madonna's name, removing all the vowels except one, as well as an "N," from her name. 'MDNNA' isn't as cool looking as 'MDNA' and 'MDNN' isn't as obvious, so we think 'MDNA' works. Nice choice, Madge.

It's also worth mentioning that Madge's new album title might've been inspired by the drug that is also known as "ecstasy," whose scientific name is MDMA. We're sure the Material Girl isn't condoning or promoting drug use amongst her fans, but the fact that 'MDNA' is one letter off from MDMA might signify that her new batch of songs will bring about a euphoric feeling in listeners.

'MDNA' will be Madge's first album under her new label deal with Interscope. She had spent all of her career on Warner Bros.

She will also appear on ABC's 'Nightline' tomorrow at 11PM ET. So tune in.

How psyched are you for 'MDNA,' PopCrush fans? And do you like the title?