Madonna is the only female in her 'Girl Gone Wild' video. But she is rocking several alter egos, such as the rock n' roll Madonna and the platinum blonde classic Marilyn Monroe version of herself. The Material Girl is surrounded by sculpted, shirtless and foreign males dancing in high heels in this noir'ish, black and white clip that's about as erotic (or is that 'Erotica?') as it gets.

There's also an obvious and purposeful thread of homoerotica woven throughout, as two of the dancers share an apple. They also act like they want to take a bite out of Madge, as there's lots of bumping and grinding. We're betting Ma-donna doesn't want her young children -- Rocco, David and Mercy -- to see this clip; daughter Lourdes is old enough where we actually think she could handle it.

In this hypnotic clip, Madonna is gyrating and strutting her stuff in heels (just like the boys) while touching herself. Some of her hard-bodied dancers are playing with guns. Others are smoking. In some scenes, she is dancing by herself surrounded by four walls, and it looks like she's climbing them. At different points, she is chained at the wrists and ankles and surrounded by her dance troupe. It's classic, sexualized Madge of yore.

Madge is a bad, bad girl in this video, that's for sure. She's also hot as hell. This clip is totally different than the upbeat, cheerleader'y vibe she put forth in the 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' video.

The clip closes with Madge crying blackened, thick, bloody tears. It reminds us of the singer during her early to mid-90s phase.

'MDNA,' featuring 'Girl Gone Wild,' drops on March 26.

Watch Madonna 'Girl Gone Wild' Video