Madonna keeps doling out minute-long snippets from her forthcoming and hotly anticipated 'MDNA' album. Today's sonic treat comes in the form of 'Beautiful Killer,' which sounds like '80s-period Madonna, with her crystalline voice at the forefront. The song was produced by Martin Solveig and is said to be loosely based on French actor Alain Delon. Even with Solveig's assist, it's not as electronically influenced as one might expect.

It's an upbeat, pretty pop song, except for the lyrics, where Madge sings, "I can't really talk with a gun in my mouth" and then coos, "You're a beautiful killer / With beautiful eyes." It's dark, brooding stuff, but it's also in capable hands. Madge makes it sound light and sexy like only she can, with her delivery.

While we've only been granted access to a minute's worth of the song, we have to admit that it's not our favorite of what we've heard so far from 'MDNA.' But it's still classic-sounding Madge, and we're certainly up for hearing the whole thing in its entirety as Madonna intended.

What did you think of 'Beautiful Killer,' PopCrush readers?

Listen to a Snippet of Madonna's 'Beautiful Killer'