Yet another snippet leaked from 'MDNA.' Madonna sings about a broken heart on 'Best Friend,' though much of the emotion is, perhaps ironically and deliberately, overpowered by robotic auto tuning and synth effects.

The clip features lots of heavy electronics that somewhat obscure Madge's vocals. While much of 'MDNA' that we've heard so far has electronic influences, so far this track makes it the most prevalent and obvious. In fact, until you get the chorus, it sounds more like an actual electronica song than the usual dance pop that made and kept Madonna famous.

It's yet another song about a failed relationship. Though it's been reported that Madonna took shots at ex Guy Richie in much of 'MDNA,' this song, like 'I F---ed Up,' is less angry and more reflective. "Your picture is off my wall / But I'm still waiting for your call / And every man that walks through that door / Will be compared to you forevermore / I have no regrets / 'Cause I survived our biggest test / I can't lie and I won't pretend / I feel like I lost my very best friend."

It seems like Madonna is leading off her album's singles with less revealing tracks like 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' and 'Girl Gone Wild.' Perhaps she's saving the best, or perhaps just the most tender, for last.

Listen to Madonna, 'Best Friend' Snippet