If you ask Madonna "Are we having fun yet?," her answer has got to be a resounding "No."

Madonna is really alienating people on her current press blitz. Sure, she just won a Golden Globe in addition to making it to the top of the pop charts eons ago and being one of the most famous women on the planet with millions of fans who adore her -- but she's been pissing off little monsters with her criticisms of Lady Gaga. Now, it seems she is ruffling the feathers of her own fans with the diva-like attitude she's been brandishing.

Fans that attended her Graham Norton appearance -- one of the scene's of the Gaga "crimes" -- were not stoked on how the Material Girl behaved.

Oh No They Didn't reports that fans who were at the taping complained that much of her bratty behavior during the interview was edited out of the final product. One fan said, "For nearly all of them, they cut a fake yawn or a b----y 'What's the point of this question?' type remark before or after answering it. Granted, where I was sat, I couldn't always see the glint in her eye which you see on the TV, but her words and body language easily gave away what she was really thinking."

The finished interview was even deemed a "masterpiece of editing," with a fan saying, "I was a little unprepared to see the cold, miserable, bored cow she was at the recording. I figured, she would have been briefed on the show and be up for the fun, camp, risqué side of 'The Graham Norton Show,' which she really should be the perfect guest for, and not the wide-eyed, almost incredulous brat she was (for the most part)."

So what's up with Madge? Why is she so bored, smug, and as we asked last week, taking herself too seriously? You are Madonna, for God's sake. You are rule the pop roost. Life is good. Enjoy it. Embrace others.

You know, maybe she does need a makeout sesh with Gaga to show she still has a sense of humor about her.