If you tuned in to the 2015 BRIT Awards, you certainly caught an eyeful of Madonna suffering what looked like a painful fall while performing onstage.

It's unclear what was to blame for the stumble -- the dramatic costume she wore, the set of stairs she tumbled down or sheer human accident -- but Giorgio Armani is adamant about one thing: The cape he designed was not to blame for the fall.

According to the Associated Press, Armani said the cape was supposed to have been fastened with a hook, but the singer wanted the cape to be tied instead. "Madonna, as we all know, is very difficult," he said. "That's all there was to it."

Madonna's side of the story is a bit different. According to the music legend, the cape was tied too tightly and when two dancers tried to untie it, they ended up pulling her pulling her down the steps.

Madonna also said she suffered whiplash thanks to the fall.

"I was told to tie my cape and start much further back and I had to walk further, and everyone was worried my cape would slide off, so they tied it really tight around my neck," she said during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show. "I got to the top of the stairs and I pulled the silky string, and it wouldn't come undone. ... I had two choices: I could either be strangled or fall, and I chose to fall."

Whatever the cause of the fall may have been, we hope Madonna will have the strength to put it behind her. After all, she has a lot to forward to: Her 13th album, Rebel Heart, is set to release on March 6.

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