Madonna and Britney Spears are forever linked. They made out at the MTV VMAs in 2003. They appeared on the song 'Me Against the Music' together. Now, they are back-to-back on the Men's Health 'Hottest Women of All-Time' list. Madge landed at No. 5, with Brit one slot ahead of her at No. 4.

Madonna was chosen for her effortless ability to capture "heads, hearts and hormones with starling consistency." It's that whole consistency thing that's key here, and why Madge ranks so high on the list. She has been twisting sexual norms for three decades now. She has also cycled through a myriad of looks and styles -- Boy Toy, Material Girl, cone-corseted dominatrix, children's book author, film director -- without ever sacrificing her edge. It's official and we didn't need Men's Health to tell us, but Madge is hotter than a thousand suns.

Her heir apparent, the lovely and talented Spears, landed at No. 4 on the list for multiple reasons. While Brit, now 30, went through some hard times (head shaving, crotch shots, public paparazzi meltdowns involving umbrellas taken to windows), the image of her in the schoolgirl uniform at 17 is forever embedded in our brains. Her sexuality was electric. It was as though sparks shot from her body. Despite her trials and tribs, Brit staged a comeback with 'Femme Fatale,' an album whose title is true to form for her!

Congrats to Madge and Brit Brit on their high placement on this list!

Actress Jennifer Aniston was No. 1 on this list, in case you are curious, since by the magazine's criteria is funny = hot. Sexy and hot are a state of mind at Men's Health!