Being the biggest pop diva in the world is hard work, people! Madonna's body may be as tight as a drum but not even she is immune to the bumps, bruises, scrapes and scars that go with the territory. The singer shared photos of the nasty bruises she is nursing as a result of rehearsals for her upcoming world tour. You know you lead a charmed life when dancing is an occupational hazard! Even so, those injuries look incredibly painful. The Material Girl bleeds (internally) for her fans.

Madge posted the shots on her Facebook. There's one of her bruised leg, swollen lip and her rump.

She posted that she got "bruises on my leg from rehearsal" and then shared "Cut my lip from rehearsing 'Girl Gone Wild.'" Ouch. That's a doozy.

Leave it to Madonna to post a photo of an "artistic" wound. She posted a photo of a "heart-shaped bruise on my a--." If you check out the photo above on the far left, the butt bruise does indeed look like a heart. Let Taylor Swift make heart shapes with her two hands. It's Madonna who gets one imprinted on her patoot because she's going nuts while preparing for her tour. We love that even her work-related wounds look good.

The images prove that Madonna is working her a—off, literally. She's taking a beating so her fans are fully entertained. That's why she is the best ever!

Madge will hit the road to support 'MDNA,' due March 26, this spring. The tour launches on May 29 in Israel.