Madonna has a special place in her heart for the African region of Malawi. She adopted two children -- son David and daughter Mercy -- from the area and she remains dedicated to allocating her resources to improve the nation. The 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' singer has resurrected her ambitious plan to build schools in Malawi.

She had initially planned to erect a single girl's school in Malawi, but that plan was shuttered when local farmers were displaced since Raising Malawi planned to use their land for the schools. There was also difficulty in getting a title for the land and the cost of construction appeared to be incredibly high and some questions arose about the financial solvency of Raising Malawi.

Those questions are answered by Madge's declaration that she will build several schools instead. The new plan calls for a total of 10 schools, which will cater to way more children than the original idea and will feature practical, efficient structures.

Raising Malawi will fund all the construction efforts, which begin in March, while the actual administration of the schools will be handled by the locals. They will be 100 percent, community-run facilities. Raising Malawi is working with buildOn, a non-government group, and has provided $300,000 in financial support. The plan is to have the schools completed by June 2013 and when opened, they are intended to serve about 1,000 students, both male and female.

Madge issued a statement to the Associated Press about her education goals for Malawi. It read as follows:

"This remains a very big priority in my life and I am excited that with the help of buildOn we can maintain our ongoing commitment to move forward efficiently… I have learned a great deal over the last few years and feel so much more confident that we can reach our goals to educate children in Malawi, especially young girls, in a much more efficient and practical way."

Trevor Neilson, who is also involved in managing this endeavor, also stated, "When the previous management team had those problems, I think a lot of people thought Madonna would give up."

Madonna and give up? Those three words don't belong in the same sentence, whether it's building schools in southeast African nation or ascending the pop music ladder!