Multiple Madonnas? That'd be a dream come true for her legion of fans. But alas, there is only one  Material Girl and in order to protect her privacy, she is employing lookalikes. Madge has reportedly hired a smattering of decoys and clones so as to confuse paparazzi and keep them at bay while she embarks on her 'MDNA' world tour next month.

The National Enquirer (thanks NME!) reports that Madonna is not interested in having the pap's flashbulbs going off in her face, In effort to throw them off the scent -- which likely smells like her new fragrance, Truth or Dare -- she's hired five decoys to keep photographers away from the real thing.

"It was her own idea and she conceived it both for protection and to stay private while enjoying down time," an insider told the tab about Madge's decision. "Five ladies will be made up to look like dead ringers."

But the doppelgangers won't just look like the singer. Madonna is apparently giving them lessons on how to walk, talk and act like her. So these will be Madge clones. It's serious business for the singer if she is going to all this trouble.

The source also said, "On the tour, her 'clone quintet' will be sent out ahead of her to act as diversions when she exits hotels, restaurants, concert halls, or any public venue. It's a brilliant decoy plan, and she's betting it will work!"

Madonna may be onto something with "paparazzi test," but we bet that a wily pap will still end up with a snap of her some how or some way. Let's hope the decoys don't do anything Madge wouldn't. Then she may have to fend off the gossip and rumor mill if one of the faux Madonnas gets herself in some trouble.