Most average people make far less than $86,000 a year in income and salary. However, that figure is how much Madonna dropped on a six pack of facials.

The Material Girl has baby smooth and almost ageless skin at 53, which causes many media hounds to speculate if she has had cosmetic work done to resurface her face and kept it free of those pesky age lines. Madge does seek help with her skin, in the form of Intraceuticals facials, as well as the company's Rejuvenate Daily Serum. It's like her Fountain of Youth.

According to The Telegraph, the facials mimic the effect of Botox, you know, without that injection of filler into your face. The procedures are pricey as they need to be performed by a machine. Madge bought six facials, totaling nearly $86,000. That ain't cheap, but Madonna can afford it. They don't call her the Material Girl for nada.

Celebs have access to the best, most expensive skincare and clearly, Madge is taking advantage of her status in life. What do you think, PopCrush readers? If you had access, would you spend that much dough and indulge in a facial?