Madonna performing with animated alt band Gorillaz may not sound like the best idea. Luckily, the cartoons and the Material Girl proved all of the doubters wrong with their 2006 Grammy mashup of 'Feel Good Inc.' and 'Hung Up.'

Gorillaz (aka Damon Albarn's electro/hip-hop/rock band) were the first cartoons to ever entertain at the prestigious award show, and for such a momentous occasion, it was only appropriate that the quartet opened the ceremony with their Grammy-winning song 'Feel Good Inc.' In one of the coolest award show moments ever, the graphics of band members 2D, Murdoc, Russell and Noodle were projected onto the stage, and real-life rappers De La Soul even showed up for the verses.

But the whole performance reached its pinnacle as Madge appeared. With Noodle sitting atop a stool and strumming her guitar during the song's breakdown, a bodysuit-clad Madonna arose from the bottom of the stage and started singing her dance-y hit 'Hung Up.' The tunes blended so harmoniously, you'd swear they recorded them as a collabo in the first place.