Madonna may be sassy with press when it comes to questions about Lady Gaga, but the Material Girl has a sense of humor. On the 'Graham Norton Show,' the BBC series host asked Madonna if she's talking to journalists around the world promoting her new film, 'W.E.' -- a question that, once asked, is a bit moot. "Yes, we're talking to journalists around the world," Madge said. "You being one of them. That's just a weird question, because it's obvious that we're doing that," she laughed.

Turns out, Norton's question wasn't weird -- it was strategic. Right after the query, Norton played a clip of a vintage Madonna interview in Hungarian.

Norton presented the 1997 clip from Madonna's 'Evita' press tour. Madonna conducted the interview in English, which was then translated into Hungarian -- and then back into English, which is where things get interesting. Norton took the translation and had Madonna's fellow guests, James Darcy and Andrea Riseborough, role play the interview.

While some of the translation is a little too risque to print, the entire thing is hilarious. When Darcy opens with, "Are you in good odor?" Riseborough -- as Madge -- replies, in perfect deadpan tone, "Thank you for saying these compliments. Please stop taking sensationalist photographs until I've removed my garments for all to see."

At this point, even the actual Madonna, known for pushing the envelope, is shocked -- but laughing appreciatively. When Darcy then asks Riseborough (again, as Madonna) is she is a "bald hussy woman who feasts on men who are toys," her response is uproarious: "Yes, yes, this is certainly something that brings to the surface my longings." It gets better still when Darcy asks about Madge's literary work: "What was your book 'Slut' about?" Madonna's insulted, amused expressions are almost as priceless as the dialogue itself.

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