Madonna continues to build hype for 'MDNA.' While a slew of snippets leaked to the Web, now we have access to a full song off the album. 'I F---ed Up,' while explicitly titled, is actually a sweet look back at a doomed relationship.The song starts out slow and low, with a sad sounding Madonna reminiscing on what went wrong. While plenty of songs on 'MDNA' are angry and bitter, this one is wistful.

"I'm so ashamed you're in so much pain," Madge laments in the track. "If I took another path, things would be so different. I could have just kept my big mouth closed / I could have just done what I was told ... I f---ed up / I made a mistake / Nobody does it better than myself / I'm sorry / I'm not afraid to say / I wish I could take it back, but I can't."

Around the middle of the song, the tempo kicks up. The once midtempo ballad becomes an electro-dance breakup jam. It slows back down when it gets to the chorus and remains its pace for the remainder of the track. From what we've heard of 'MDNA' so far, 'I F---ed Up' will fit right in. Perhaps it's another ode to former love Guy Richie?

Listen to Madonna, 'I F---ed up'