Madonna's 'MDNA' is set to drop on March 26 and that date can't get here fast enough. To get us excited, Madge issued a minute-long snippet of album track 'I'm Addicted.' She only shares 69 seconds of the song, but we're hooked.

From what we can tell via this teaser, there's lots of studio effects and processing on her vocals. But with a tune like this, it's more about the beats and the way her words sound, as opposed to what she is actually saying.

The song is essentially dancefloor Madonna. That is, it's designed for those who want to put their drinks down at the club and shake it all night long, rather than stand at the bar and toss 'em back repeatedly. She also announces in the lyrics that "I need to dance," so she's not masking her intentions.

Madge built her rep on these types of jams. This version is just electro heavy and modern, reflecting the synthy style that is so hot in modern pop music in 2012. We have to give Madonna credit. She certainly changes with the times, all the while retaining her own signature sound.

The Material Girl sings, "I need to dance / It feels like a drug / I can't get enough / I'm addicted to your love" in hushed, distorted tones before she launches into a rhythmic chant of "M-D-N-A." See if you can get through a listen without getting down a little bit. We couldn't help but groove in our seats.

Listen to a Snippet of Madonna 'I'm Addicted'