Fringed earrings? Forget it. Bye bye, baroque stones. In 2015, jewelry's most important trend is taking a gem that could save a Fortune 500 from going under and dipping it in blood...for funsies!

In an interview with PEOPLE posted yesterday (October 12), jeweler to the stars Neil Lane explained that Madonna gave a whole new meaning to blood diamond during the planning stages of her Rebel Heart Tour. Lane said he shipped between 500 and 1,000 carats to Madge during a shoot for the event's tour book and supplementary video, only to get a formal request to dirty the bling up with red-colored corn starch and food dye.

"I didn’t know how to really respond," Lane said. "This is all platinum and diamonds, but I said, ‘Okay, why not.’ But that’s typical of her. She takes something and twists it and makes it really relevant...It was really sticky jewelry when it came back."

And while we're willing to bet the vital fluid-soaked gem-trend will start and stop with Madonna, her Madgesty can be credited with starting one very popular movement. During a 2003 shoot for Gap with Missy Elliott, Madonna sported an M-shaped pendant Lane had customized (she later had a "B" made for Britney Spears, too), and soon, bejeweled alphabet soup was everywhere.

"Madonna is very innovative," Lane shared. "She’s seems to have a pulse, and I think it’s a natural pulse. She works very hard at it. It’s a very natural pulse. It’s not convoluted."

Surprised that even Madonna would choose to bloody up priceless baubles? Share your thoughts on her vein-draining stunt.

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