Madonna is grabbing headlines again, with news that she's back in the studio with 'Ray of Light' collaborator William Orbit recording new music, and the recent confirmation of rumors that her next single, 'Give Me All Your Love,' will feature M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj.

But in a new video with daughter Lourdes Leon to promote their Material Girl Collection for Macy's, Madonna just seems like any other slightly harried mom trying to reach her typically sullen teen daughter.

The video, which advertises their Be Our Next 'Lucky Star' model search to find a face of the new campaign, is a behind-the-scenes look at how Madonna interacts with her daughter — and even though it's probably scripted, the video succeeds at making the notoriously remote superstar look like just a normal mom, while Lola plays up the role of the annoyed teen, glued to her phone while Madonna is trying to talk to her.

"I'm not sure people understand irony in this day and age," Madonna laments to Lola, who eyes her between sending text messages, then leaves in the middle of the conversation to grab a plate of fruit.

"Do you want some of this?" Lola asks, chewing on her fruit.

"No, I don't," Madonna snaps. "Fruit hurts my stomach."

Later, when Madonna asks, exasperated, "Are we going to be able to find the next Material Girl?" Lourdes responds simply, "Totes mcgotes."

The two have great on-screen chemistry, and despite the cameras and hairstylist flitting around in the background, seem completely natural together. We guess it's true — stars really are just like us!

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Watch Madonna and Lourdes Banter in New Macy's Promo