More M! D! N! A! has landed online. Following yesterday's snippet of 'I'm Addicted,' Madonna has leaked a minute-long teaser of 'Love Spent' from her forthcoming studio effort 'MDNA,' which impacts on March 26.

The song unfolds like Madge's answer to disco. It's modernized, slathered in synths and full of beats that'll embed themselves under your skin, forcing you to dance 'till sweat drips off your body in torrents. She worked with her 'Ray of Light' producer William Orbit' on this tune, so it's certainly electrified. If there is one thing her music makes you do, it's dance.

The vocals are much less processed that what we heard on 'I'm Addicted' and here, Madonna goes for those high notes. The result sounds like something pop tarts half her age (like Rihanna) attempt on their records. But the HDIC (head diva in charge) makes it sound good, every time.

She sings, "I want you to hold me like you hold your money / Hold on to it ‘til there’s nothing left," which is a clever and sultry turn of phrase. But for some reason, we picture the Material Girl doing the holding, as opposed to being held, since she's got such a dominant, Type A persona and personality.

By the way, did anyone notice that 'MDNA' drops two days before Lady Gaga's birthday? After little monsters rushed to their Mother's defense when Madge started throwing around big vocab words ("reductive") and trashing Gaga, they vowed to strike back. Wonder if they are planning anything around 'MDNA' and its release date. Just sayin'.

Listen to a Snippet of Madonna 'Love Spent'