It's Madonna Leak Week and now, her manager Guy Oseary once again took to Twitter to talk directly to fans about the leaked demo for 'Give Me All Your Love,' which we love, by the way. We're totally feeling the direction that Madge is going on her 12 album. Oseary engaged 140 character-sized conversations with Madonna fans earlier this year, to share deets on her album!

Oseary issued a series of short tweets via his Twitter feed. We've sorted out the key information that Oseary did share, yanking the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. He revealed that Madonna "is only upset with whoever leaked the music.. we would love to know who that is…" That answer is likely not going to come easy. Even though the leak sucks, the Material Girl's name is on everyone's tongue, ramping up excitement for Album 12.

He also said, "The plan was for new music to come out in the new year… and yet someone leaked a demo version of a song yesterday." He also said, "Im very happy with the positive reaction to the demo, but we are very upset with whoever leaked the song!!!!!!!!"

This is where he calls on fans to help to stanch the bleeding, so to speak. He posted: "We are asking that the fans please help us police any more leaks," admitting that "We have a lot in store for you.. but please respect the process." That's a fair enough trade off.

While we mentioned that Madge fans seem to be free and generous with leaked info, Madge is upset about it. Oseary wrote, "Madonna told me this morning “my true fans wouldn’t do this”… whoever is responsible for this leak, we ask that you please stop!.."

Oseary said that the album should be finished in the next month. He also said Madge wrote a "beautiful ballad" and that they "have not done photos yet, finishing the album." He also said, "No answers on a tour yet."

So the album appears to be the priority, as it should be.

Fans, take heed of the Material Girl's request. No more leaks!