Is it hot in here or did the mercury rise because Madonna looks so smoking hot in new promo pics from her upcoming 'MDNA' album? Yeah, that's definitely it.

Madge shared black and white and red-hued  shots by Mert + Marcus and our pulses quickened and we started to break out into a sweat. These are easily some of the most seductive images of the campaign, but they're also classy. In less capable hands, these shots could have come across as trashy, but Madonna is about to cause our screen to combust.

There are sultry black and white shots of the Material Girl draped in an oversized, semi see-through sweater, which she's pulling at like she wants to rip it off. Yes, you can see her undies, but it's all about the sneak peek as opposed to full on flashing.

The other images are of the Material Girl in a black bra and boots, staring all suggestively as if her eyes are saying, "Come hither." She's all about the fingerless gloves in the shots for the 'MDNA' campaign, as she's been seen wearing them multiple times.

At 53, Madge looks better and more beautiful than pop stars half her age. She's still one of the most striking celebs working today and these images are further indisputable proof that fact. No wonder she is dating a hot, younger man. We wonder how he keeps up with her.